Interest Free Loans with Art Money

The Print Gallery is now offering Art Money, interest free loans to buy art.

Art Money makes owning art immediate and affordable. After paying a 10% deposit, the artwork is yours and the remaining balance is paid over 9 payments, interest free for orders over $750.

Apply online for instant approval, get your art now and pay for it later.

How does it work?

1. Choose Your Print
First you need to find what you'd like to purchase. Let us know when you do and we'll walk you through the next steps.

2. Apply with Art Money
Once you know what you want, head on over to the Art Money website and go through their application process and verify your ID with us.

3. ID Verification & Deposit
Once approved by Art Money for the loan, we will verify your ID and finalise the purchase with a minimum 10% deposit.

Want more info?

We're Here to Help

We're more than happy to take you through step by step - Email us here

Art Money FAQ

There is a lot of great info available directly from the Art Money website, particularly their FAQ section.