So who are we?

We are uncovering the world's hidden photography talent one print at a time.

People have lost touch with the power and emotion that is captured in a photograph. We want to change that.

Print Gallery was founded by a team of two, father and son, both with a serious passion for photography. A passion strong enough to create a platform to showcase the true artists of our time.

We want to shine a light on the few that stand out among the many. Those that truly love what they do and whose passion show through their craft.

We go out into the world and find artists that are killing it and work with them to showcase their work to the world. You're welcome.

Dylan Johnston is Awesome | PRINT GALLERY Print Gallery In-Situ Shot


Maximilan Kenny

With 15 years of digital eCommerce and brand development experience, Max brings with him knowledge that empowers the business to offer an industry leading edge.

Simon Kenny

A professional photographer for 30 years, Simon is well placed to utilise his industry knowledge and experience to ensure the long term visual integrity of the gallery’s content.

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