Marton Kecskes

Marton was born in Budapest, Hungary. A true penchant of black and white photography, a renowned fashion photographer shooting for brands including Hugo Boss and Wolford.

Jenavieve Belair

A lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Southern California who's been shooting for thirteen years now. With a raw element to her work, Jenavieve never stops experimenting and exploring her craft behind the lens.

Ruairidh McGlynn

Ruairidh specialises in landscapes and is well known for his mobile photography. Currently based in Scotland and when he's not at work, he can usually be found exploring the mountains.

Neave Bozorgi

L.A. photography royalty, Neave captures moments of beautiful intimacy seemingly effortlessly. Having only been in the game for a few years, he has carved out a very unique aesthetic.

Nat Lanyon

Nat Lanyon is a self-taught photographer who travels the world shooting fashion & lifestyle campaigns. His work is evoking & raw, he also has a penchant for capturing those in-between moments while on the road, whether it be natural landscapes or interesting characters that fill the streets on far away cities.

Vincent Perraud

Vincent has been taking photos since he can remember. Having spent the last decade on a road trip, he's been all over the world capturing the experiences as he se's them. Shooting predominantly on film, his look is unique and very raw. Currently making his way across America, there will be many more shots to come. Watch this space.

Shane Lynam

Shane Lynam was born in Dublin in 1980. He studied Politics and Economics at University College Dublin. His work seeks to create fictional narratives, inspired by history or current affairs, to question or inform reality. He is currently based in Dublin and working on a new body of work. 


TBP is an Australian photographer who spends his time in oceans and cities. He has a degree in photography from RMIT University and is the Photo-Editor and Co-Founder of Paper Sea Quarterly magazine. When he is not burning moments onto Kodak film TBP is busy putting himself in different situations and places seeking out his next image. 

Nic Mesker

Photography is my escape. It’s a place I go to when I want to craft a story, even if just for a moment. A paradigm to weave vignettes of dreams into tangible reality. I once read that a photograph is a secret about a secret; the more it tells you, the less you know. 

Ed Sloane

Ed is a freelance photographer with a focus on the surf and ocean based aesthetic. His work is best described as a mix of action and art and has featured in advertising and editorial throughout Australia and internationally.

Corey Stanton

Corey Stanton is a photographer and cinematographer based out of Costa Mesa, California. He spends equal amounts of time in New York and during the Winter chases snow around the globe.

Cameron Mackie

Growing up in Southern Sydney with perfect beaches and landscapes right on my doorstep, and family road trips to new beaches every holidays, it’s been fairly easy to gain a passion for photography.

Chris Grundy

Chris Grundy is a 23-year-old freelance photographer, from Sydney, Australia. Through his travels he has developed a strong passion for documenting the ocean and its surroundings, resulting in some unique imagery that can be seen throughout his body of work.

Adam Kola

16 years old, finalising his GSCE’s, deciding what to study in his sixth form. During those summer months is when Adam's future took a major curve ball. Deciding to leave his current school in order to attend a local college in Stockport solely on the fact they had a photography course! From then on is when adams love for photography and seeing in print began.

Dylan Johnston

Dylan Johnston has spent years hopping fences, meeting strangers, and exploring areas lesser known. His love for adventure started at a young age fishing off the coast of Florida with his father and exploring small towns with friends. This inherent love for adventure has helped shape his style of photography and cinematography and has developed his passion for creating adventure and documentary work. The personal connections he makes with his subjects allow Dylan to capture their uniqueness and beauty on film, an original lens by which to tell their story.

Dylan has several years of experience working on professional shoots both in studio and on location for all mediums. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.