Finding Art That Complements Your Beach House

Salt air, crashing waves and sun-kissed hair - we can almost feel the sand slipping through our fingers.

Beach homes are instantly inviting, calming and contain a sense of warmth.

Soft blue hues, crisp whites and the use of a nature-based palette all work to create a relaxed holiday-home feel, leaving you feeling refreshed all year long. 

But beach décor doesn’t always provide the atmosphere a coastal-inspired home needs.

An artwork, on the other hand, can speak a thousand words. Beach-life captured in a still moment will create a coastal ambiance like no other medium can.

A beautiful beach house

Credit: Inside Out

Beach house becoming a little too ‘beachy’?

If you’re feeling like your beach house is becoming a little too busy, choose a simple print.

'Isolation' by Chris Grundy is a perfect choice. Not only does it provide a sense of balance, the space in the artwork is going to let your walls breathe amongst all the other beach objects you already own.

'Isolation' by Chris Grundy

'Isolation' by Chris Grundy

Having trouble creating a coastal feel?

On the other hand, you may feel that your space is looking a little plain and you need something that is going to ooze beach-life.

If you really want to capture the sense of the ocean in your home, you’re going to need an artwork with movement. 

And what better way to bring this into your home than with an artwork of a crashing wave?

Let Cameron Mackie’s Little Marley Tops do the talking for you. Nothing says beach house more than a print of a vibrant, breaking wave.

This print is best placed on a vacant wall. Some blue cushions and a chucky white throw on a nearby couch will help emphasize the artwork even more. 

'Little Marley Tops' by Cameron Mackie

'Little Marley Tops' by Cameron Mackie

Don’t have enough colour in your home?

Sometimes the spaces we work with just don’t seem to hold colour; it can be all too easy for it to be lost in an abundance of blank, white walls.

In order to create some solid colour in your home, choose a sunset beach print.

Adam Kola’s Great Ocean Road Sunrise will immediately provide your home with vibrancy and warmth.

It also provides an opportunity to be more creative with your styling in your beach home.

If you want to make a statement and get away from the typical blue and white styling, opt for yellow, orange or pink décor instead. These colours will immediately complement and draw attention to the sunset.

'Great Ocean Road Sunrise' by Adam Kola

'Great Ocean Road Sunrise' by Adam Kola

Too many beach colours already?

Blue cushions, blue throws, blue accessories – okay, it might be time to stop. But don’t feel like you can’t have a beach print. Just choose a black and white one instead.

Black and white tones will help statement colours in your home pop.

The best part about Bondi Beach by Corey Stanton is that it contains more that the initial eye can see. If you look closely, you’ll notice the woman basking in the sun amongst the rocky coast. She creates for an interesting point of difference – perhaps a distraction amongst all that blue!

'Bondi Beach' by Corey Stanton

'Bondi Beach' by Corey Stanton

TIP: Before checking out, consider framing your new print in a Raw Timber Frame – the wooden tones will enhance your beach house interiors.


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