Finding Art That Complements Your Beach House

Salt air, crashing waves and sun-kissed hair - we can almost feel the sand slipping through our fingers. Beach homes are instantly inviting, calming and contain a sense of warmth.

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Art Advisor

Guide: Choosing Art That's Right For You

You may have certain inhibitions about collecting art. Perhaps you consider yourself a down-to-earth person and the idea of art collecting seems pretentious to you. Maybe you feel that only the ver...

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What Your Art Collection Says About You

When searching for artworks to build your personal collection, a commonly held truism is to buy what you like. However, while this should strongly inform the buying process, the experienced art co...

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What Exactly Is A Giclée Print, And Why Should You Care?

Giclée is an art-world buzzword that’s frequently used and rarely understood. We're here to make sense of it all and bring you up to speed on why we're on board.

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